This is the most important event in your professional career, it’s time for us to move to the next level together, with the most important and recognized artists of the PMU. For the first time, Expo and Congress together. With the best educational, theoretical/practical, business and marketing level. This is what you will enjoy during the 3 days of EXPO PMU.

Our format makes us different from other events, we are defined by quality, experience and the first educational level in keynote lectures, where you will see and hear the latest PMU topics. and for the first time live you will experience the NON-STOP Format in which you will see your PMU Artists in Action, from an INVERSIVE experience never seen before in Mexico.

The WorkSHOP Platinum is exclusive for our attendees with Platinum Ticket where you can choose 2 of 6 workshops. Where you will learn and update yourself with your favorite artist.

You will have access to the private Facebook group where, in addition to the streaming of the event, you will find information throughout the year.

Are you a beginner? This is for you. Are you an expert on the subject?
You can’t miss this event.

We will give you the tools to grow your business in all areas that are required (communication, organization, marketing, sales) and as an expert the workshops and artists will provide us with information and give us a global overview that will allow us to raise the level of service we provide and be at the same level as them.

We will have a limited number of Stands and Sponsors, with the purpose that your brand or product will be seen EXCLUSIVELY among our attendees, write us at expopmu@gmail.com.

We will have 6 Platinum WORKShops given by your favorite artists, these will be held on November 2, 2023, one day before the conferences.

Registration for our workshops will be released 3 months prior to the event.

We do not give refunds but we do transfer tickets to another participant. For further assistance please email us at
with the new person’s information to confirm the transaction.

The capacity of Expo PMU is limited. There is a possibility that tickets may sell out. In that case, no more tickets will be available for sale. We recommend you to buy your tickets las soon as possible so that you do not miss the experience., since the response from you has been excellent.

Treat everyone at EXPO PMU with respect and especially remember that everyone has the right to enjoy themselves in a safe environment, free from fear of physical or verbal abuse and free from sexist remarks, actions or behavior.

We have a ZERO tolerance policy for sexual harassment and sexist behavior, applied to all staff, contracted companies, workers, artists, attendees and anyone associated with the event. Any type of discrimination, abuse or aggression based on gender, sexuality, race or other grounds is not permitted.

There is no possible justification for sexual harassment, abuse or sexist behavior at EXPOPMU. We will use the necessary legal means at our disposal to address this type of behavior. This includes physical or verbal abuse, bullying or any type of threat or sexist behavior.

Think twice and reflect on your actions. Losing inhibition is NEVER an excuse for abuse.

Remember that consent is NOT valid if given under the influence of alcohol or other substances. Remember that silence is NOT consensus.

Anyone who experiences, suffers or witnesses any type of sexual abuse, sexist or discriminatory behavior should report it immediately to the nearest Security personnel or at the Information Points so that we can take the appropriate measures. Don’t be silent, silence is an accomplice.

The union and healthy coexistence within EXPO PMU is our highest priority, and it is based on respect and tolerance.

It is suggested that during the congress you wear a casual
casual dress code
that will make you feel comfortable during all the hours of the event.

For our closing party we recommend
Black Tie Label
remember that this is our big closing celebration.

We have a list of recommendations which you can consult in the suggestions section. Lodging is not part of your ticket, we recommend you to look for accommodation in advance to find a place close to the event.

Do you have any impediment to attend this great event in person? Don’t worry! We have the online ticket where you can watch the live virtual transmission of the conferences and NON STOP. And you know what the best part is? You can watch it as many times as you want.

Attendees will receive certificates of participation either virtually or physically. Our Platinum attendees will also receive a certified diploma for each workshop signed by the artist who conducted the workshop.

The event is organized by SOS DIGITAL with extensive experience in the production of events and digital marketing in Mexico.


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